If you are a passionate and enthusiastic wrestling fan, join the AML Wrestling LIVE! Street Team. Those who do have the opportunity to be rewarded with FREE TICKETS to an AML event as well as access to early entry and free merchandise.

It’s simple!

Street Team Duties Include:

  • Postering in high-traffic, relevant spaces – i.e. gas stations, convenience stores, malls, coffee shops and store fronts (where allowed).
  • Hand-to-hand flyering in high-traffic, relevant spaces – i.e. audiences at other wrestling shows, flea markets and sporting events.
  • Getting counter cards into relevant stores – i.e. stack of counter cards at the register at convenience stores.
  • Getting social – share show dates, videos, posters and photos on your personal social media.
  • Get creative! – Look for opportunities to promote the show in other, non-traditional ways.

AML Street Team Reward Program Requirements/Complete & Receive 1 Free General Admission Ticket & Early Admission

Social – 20+ social posts in a 30 day period (Can all be posted to one social network or across several)

Minimum requirements for social network:

  • For posting to Facebook: 100 friends
  • For posting to Twitter: 25 followers
  • For posting to Instagram: 75 followers
  • Postering/Flyering + More
  • Local postering and/or flyering. Must hang 20 posters/flyers in pre-determined areas and provide proof

If You Want To Join:

  • Fill out the simple form on this page or reach out to us at [email protected]
  • If your area is available, we will make arrangements to get you promo materials.